Innovation Successes

By creating useful products from milkweed, like luxurious Ogallala® Bedding to Body Care, Monarch Flyway conserves Monarch Habitat.

Here's What's Been Done - What's YOUR Dream?


Monarch Flyway is the world’s largest supplier of wild-crafted, sustainably harvested milkweed products. When milkweed is VALUED, we are able to protect critical habitat for Monarchs across the migration route. As uses expand, more habitat will be protected. Our goal is to find healthy Monarch habitat and help people benefit from the natural lands that they steward.

Market based conservation is the process of protecting at risk habitats and species (think bison) by creating beneficial products in a sustainable way. When the demand for the products increase, the habitat and species must grow stronger to meet the demand. 

We focus on Monarch Sustainability by helping people feed their families with the money they collect from hand picking milkweed pods. Milkweed is a perennial and grows from its roots each year. Since seeds fall out of the bags as people pick, more and more milkweed is available for Monarchs in the area every year. We firmly believe BOTH Monarchs and people should benefit from a healthy ecosystem.

Change Agents for GOOD

Family owned and second generation, Herb Knudsen started Monarch Flyway, with a dream over 31 years ago. A dream that could change the World.

Having worked with milkweed at Standard Oil of Ohio, he fell in love with the plant and how the fiber could be used. After Herb purchased the concept from SOHIO, his daughter Debbie, was his first employee and is now leading the company into the future.

We pride ourselves in innovation, in finding win, win, win, win solutions for our customers, stewards of natural monarch habitats, rural communities, and the environment. We find joy in working WITH Nature to develop and deliver milkweed products to people and corporate innovation partners who believe that business can be the most powerful change agent for good.

What’s YOUR dream? We invite you to embrace biodiversity and economic development by using creativity and the unique renewable, natural resource of milkweed in everyday products. Whether you choose to buy our products or have the ability to spearhead innovation at YOUR company using environmentally positive practices, join the Milkweed Movement and change the world! We can do it!

Your collaborators for positive change,

Herb and Debbie

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