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Bedding that Breathes and Saves Butterflies

We don’t wait until we’re asleep to dream. We work to make our dreams come true.

Imagining a world with better sleep, we created and launched Ogallala Comfort Company dedicated to furnishing a whole lot of homes. From the home of the monarch caterpillar, to the homes of community members who pick milkweed pods, Ogallala Comfort helps people live their best lives. 

As a struggling start-up in 1987, we went to the American Down Association to tout the benefits of adding milkweed fiber to down. With the addition of just 30% milkweed fiber, down was more breathable by 50%, it was warmer, and was hypoallergenic, the FIRST hypoallergenic down on the market. They were uninterested. It was clear that if we wanted to stay in business, which we did, we would have to start our own bedding company, so we did.

We collaborated with communities and collected milkweed pods. We purchased down and studied the bedding industry. We created a combination of hand picked milkweed and down that’s so supple ‘down’ doesn’t do it justice, it's the Ogallala Blend.

As people used our bedding and communities engaged with the environment, boosted their economy, and protected monarch habitat, we knew we had a system that aligned with our win/win/win values. We dreamed of a world where our needs matched the needs of the world and grew together harmoniously.

We believe in dreams, because for us, they’re just the beginning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start with bedding?
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Quite frankly, starting Ogallala Comfort Company was one of the LAST things we wanted to do. As a young start-up with big dreams, the goal moved from changing the world to staying in business. We had created an amazing nonwoven for Insulated Clothing, but couldn't find brand partners to take the risk on a new company with untested material. We needed a low volume, high value product to keep the vision alive. Learning about down comforters and pillows was a much easier learning curve than trying to delve into fashion on our own. With luxury down bedding, everything was white, and the size choices were Standard, Twin, Full, Queen, and King. We went to market and while the first three years everyone on staff had additional jobs to make ends meet, we got our foot in the door and started making progress. Now, Ogallala Comfort is found in high end specialty stores throughout the United States and luxury hotels world wide.

Can you help me start a bedding line of my own?
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Yes! Ogallala Comfort has the ability to custom create products for you and/or private label for your brand.


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