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We can't do this alone!

In order for us to bring the vision to fruition, we need an army of advocates working to bring their talents, ideas, and connections to the environmental, social and economic stewardship of our rural communities. 

Milkweed has many opportunities to shine in products and landscapes while helping communities get into Nature and create prosperity. 

If you want to create products, start a business or help us spread the message and get moving in a regenerative, win/win/win minded organization, join us. 

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We are grateful for the many people and organizations who have helped us along the way and look forward to helping the visionaries that are following in our footsteps. We'd love to help you learn more about milkweed and find points of collaboration as we move from novelty to a world changing system that makes sense for people, planet and profit. 

Contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with product development?
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Contact us! We have worked with dreamers exploring options to Fortune 500 companies wanting to add innovative products that help the environment flourish. We are a trusted partner in product development and are happy to sign NDAs if that raises your level of confidence.

How can my community join the Monarch Flyway Network?
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Community engagement is key to protecting monarch butterfly habitat. When we start working in a community, many people don't even know what milkweed is, they are just hoping to make extra income for their families or schools. As people interact with Nature and the monarch life cycle, they become big advocates for monarchs and other wildlife. As the program grows, more monarch habitat is protected and becomes a key economic driver in a rural setting. Once the area collection hits about 100,000# of milkweed pods collected in a season, we consider adding a Community Owned processing center with value-added product manufacturing. 

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